Henry The Fifth in Unicorn Theatre London

Op 11 oktober 2013 gaat Henry the Fifth in première in het Unicorn Theatre in London.

A new play by Ignace Cornelissen who also wrote the Unicorn’s much-loved 2012 production, A Winter’s Tale, this dynamic and contemporary response to Henry V will make you wonder whether getting into a fight is really worth all the mess it leaves behind.

Translated by Purni Morell
Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Henry V
Directed by Ellen McDougall
Designed by James Button
Lighting by David Kidd
Sound Designed by Emma Laxton
Cast: Hannah Boyde, Rhys Rusbatch, Abdul Salis and Shane Zaza

Kings need crowns and castles to prove themselves, and so does Henry. Henry the Fifth, that is, of England. But Henry is running out of cash and all he can think about is that his neighbour’s castle is bigger than his. He decides to invade. A long and terrible war ensues with huge costs on both sides, including the castle Henry dreamed of having for himself.