CIADLV congres in Buenos Aires

april 2012   The CIADLV brings together creators from the world of theatre, literature, and audiovisual creation. Its members range from playwrights and choreographers to writers, film directors, and film adaptors. Its mission is to study all those questions that are directly linked to the interests and to the status of those authors and their societies.

At recent meetings, the CIADLV has discussed in particular the obligations of content providers in connection with the online transmission of works, the protection of journalists’ works in the media, the important supportive role that the authors’ societies should play vis-à-vis young authors in connection with modal contracts for the production of audiovisual works, and the condition of employed authors (other than journalists).

The CIADLV is also conscious of the importance and implications of various CIS and other digital tools (MPEG, DRM, ISAN and ISTC) for audiovisual works and follows closely developments relating to these tools.